Science at Falmouth School aims to create awe and wonder in the classroom that inspires and engages students.

We help to develop students’ critical thinking skills allowing them to question new information with a discerning eye.  Through building on students’ investigative approaches using mathematical and experimental methods we aim to enable students to form opinions and conclusions in everyday applications in combination with evidence.  These transferable skills can then be called upon in future careers or study, regardless of subject and are vital in today’s society.

In Key Stage 3 there is an introduction to the core principles of the National Curriculum of science with a set of skill foci intertwined in each learning cycle.  Furthermore students’ practical skills are developed in order that they have access to first-hand experience of the required practicals at GCSE.  These are developed through following a scheme of work which addresses the fundamentals of science with a strong focus on devolping scientific skills.  At KS4, the scheme of learning follows either the AQA trilogy or AQA triple specificiation depending on which qualification the student has selected.  These excellently prepare students for our courses offered at Falmouth College.

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Miss F Atkinson