• WEEK 2

Expressive Arts


Art can inspire, challenge and engage the students in highly creative, meaningful and ambitious work.

We encourage students to respond to experiences, develop understanding and insight - giving opportunities to explore feelings, express spirituality, increase knowledge and development of skills. The creation of art demands rigour, emotional involvement, discipline and a sense of purpose, risk taking and pride in one's work.

In Art & Design we combine practical and research based studies in an exciting way to deliver the curriculum needs in KS3 and 4. Art is studied for 100 minutes per week at KS3: Year 7, Year 8 and 100 minutes each fortnight in Year 9.  At KS4 students cover 300 minutes per fortnight.

During KS3, our focus is to give students the technical and imaginative skills in a variety of disciplines including drawing, painting, printing, sculpture and mixed media, reinforced by the work of artists and designers. This is supported by regular independent homework and research. Students are also offered opportunities to attend extra- curricular clubs each week. Current KS3 clubs include Photography and Art club: activities have included printing workshops, lantern making, murals and clay modelling.

Bronze ArtsAward is offered as an enrichment to students who enjoy undertaking challenges in the Arts and to those who are Gifted and talented in the Arts.

At KS4 students undertake 2 practical coursework projects to complete a portfolio of work which is worth 60% of the overall GCSE grade. Students explore a wide range of processes and techniques  supported by artists and their work. They use a wide range of art styles and media including printmaking, drawing and painting, Photoshop and sculpture to complete their coursework.This is followed by a final examination project in Y11 which contributes 40% of the final GCSE grade.

GCSE support classes run over 3 evenings a week to support students in their coursework.


The Music department believes that everybody should be given the opportunity to enjoy and participate in music, regardless of musical taste and skill. The department strives to offer a fun and engaging curriculum across all key stages and provide as many opportunities as possible for pupils to make and perform music.

‘Talented’ musicians: Students who are ‘talented’ in music have opportunity to enrich and extend their skills further through extra-curricular learning and through opportunities to participate in Music projects with outside agencies. These include String Group, Flute Group, Ukulele Group, Jazz Band, Samba Band, Year 7 Choir, Pop Choir, Boys Choir and Brass Group.

In Music at KS3 we focus on making it as practical as possible. We cover a wide range of topics such as Film Music, Reggae, Blues, Samba, Soul Music and many more. At KS3 we deliver Music lessons for 100 minutes, every two weeks.

At KS4, Music students receive three lessons in a two week timetable, in their option of Music. Again, it is very practically orientated as 80% of the GCSE is instrument specific. Over the two years students will need to produce 2 performances and 2 compositions as well as completing a portfolio of their work. This portfolio equates to 60% of the total GCSE marks. Another 20% is made up from a short practical exam called the Creative Task. This focuses on responding to a stimulus – ie a chord sequence, and extending it and developing it. The final 20% is a listening test which focuses on a general knowledge of a wide range of Music.

At KS5 we now run a really exciting BTEC Level 3 course in Music Performance. It is the equivalent of one A Level. Over the two year course students will complete 2 units which focus on a live performance. In another unit, called Managing an Event, students will have to take responsibility for organising an event, booking a venue, selling tickets and supplying the musical material for the event. It is a very popular and worthwhile course, mainly because it is so performance based.


Head of Department:

Mrs B Lee-Smith: Head of Art and Head of Expressive Arts Faculty

Mr M Fox: Head of Music