• WEEK 2


MFL is an exciting subject that opens up the rest of the world to you. It allows you to communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Having a GCSE in a foreign language has always been a great asset when it comes to applying to universities and ensuring better job prospects. Employers have come to value language skills, recognising their crucial importance even more so in today's global economy. Above all learning and being successful in a language is challenging but fun and very rewarding.

At Falmouth School we currently offer two languages with Year 7 students learning French or Spanish. For Key Stage 4, we currently offer GCSE in both languages. We also offer French and Spanish at KS5 where students are closely followed and supported. 

With regards to clubs, we offer a wide variety of opportunities through lunch time activities and after school. We also offer a Spelling club aiming to take part in a regional competition where students have to demonstrate their literacy skills.  We also run a Foreign Film club, language clubs and a cooking club. 

We offer KS4 booster classes weekly where GCSE students come for support, guidance and revision.

Above all at Falmouth school, we aim to celebrate language learning through opportunities such as the European day of Languages, the Day of the Dead and various competitions throughout the year.

Head of Department:

Miss M Duffield